3 local youth attacked during Mechuka Festival

ITANAGAR, Nov 28:  Three youths, namely Papu Dolo, Gida Gagung and Tony Sonam, who attended Adventure at Mechuka Festival, were trashed by unidentified locals of Mechuka during November 25 midnight.

Sonam and Gagung were working in campsite under the banner ‘Camp Urban Jungle’ and Dolo was guitarist of a band to performing in the festival.

Talking to this daily, Sonam said that during that night he along with his friends was jamming within the compound of the campsite where outsiders were not allowed to enter during night hours.

“But out of nowhere a group of around five aged people came to jamming place and started jostling with one of the senior members of the group. When we tried to stop, the group attacked us with wooden sticks and machete,” Tony said, adding Dolo and Gagung became unconscious and blood was oozing out of their heads. They were brought to TRIHMS by helicopter around 10 am next day.

“I suffered fractures on my left hand while defending a blow of wooden stick by one unidentified person,” Tony said, adding he had an FIR in Mechuka police station.

After examining Dolo and Gagung, TRIHMS by the doctors advised to shift both to Guwahati because serious injury on head and advise to consult a neurosurgeon.

When contacted the victims’ families, now in Guwahati, Gagung’s elder sister said that her brother has gained a consciousness but not out of danger and unable to recognize anyone. It is a case of haematoma, she quoted the doctors telling who had asked to keep him in conservative treatment for seven days. If the bleeding does not stop that could lead to more problems as the doctors were not sure of early recovery.

Meanwhile, Dolo spouse Techi Modum said that the same is the condition of her husband and don’t even know his own name and others. She informed that there was blood coagulation in the head, which doctors are trying to clear.

“He did not respond when asked about his name when he gained a little conscious. The doctor has suggested to keeping him in ICU and if the complicacy prevails, operation would be considered,” she added.

When contacted West Siang SP Jummar Basar said that the clash was not on communal ground, adding Papor Yorni, main accused in the case, has been absconding from Mechukha.

Other attackers could not be identified as the complainants, though from Arunachal, are not from the area, he said, adding that he could not divulge further as it could affect the probe.

While there are reports that tourists also received minor injuries during the brawl, the police have not received any official complaint from tourists.

Meanwhile, local MLA PD Sona said that the incident was really unfortunate and whoever is guilty should be taken to task. This is not acceptable in a civilized society as the incident not only brought bad name for the place but was against humanity, he added.

He has all sympathy for the victims and their families and do his best for the victims. He also exhorted the people not to flare up the situation, but help in finding the solution.

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