Contagious LSD outbreaks in Arunachal, AH&V on the job

By Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jun 14: With detection of viral and contagious Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) was detected among cattle in Papumpare, Pakke-Kessang, Lohit, Changlang and West Siang districts, Veterinary department is trying to contain spread the LSD, which has led to loss of livestock, said Animal & Husbandry and Veterinary (AH&V) director Tachi Taku.

Around 20,000 vaccines have been procured so far treatment which were distributed to vaccinate healthy animals in all dairy farming areas, he said, adding State Disease Investigation centre (laboratory) has been monitoring the outbreak of the disease constantly and urged all cattle owners to halt the transportation of cattle from the neighbouring states and contact nearest veterinary dispensary or hospital for f assistance.

Precautions advisory has been issued to cattle farmers to isolate their healthy animals from infected or suspected ones to prevent spread of the disease, Taku said and suspected that the disease might have spread in the state due to rampant slaughters of cattle.

On being asked about mortality rate, he said, “The detailed report is awaited from various districts though seven districts have confirmed the disease.”

Ganga dispensary veterinary officer Dr Marli Ete said  that 63 cattle have been detected from it jurisdiction of Chandranagar, Gohpur, Papum-Poma and Zoo cattle shed areas so far and efforts are being made to track down the animal to keep the outbreak under control.

Farmer Tayo Kino of Namorah village in Pakke-Kessang district, talking to this daily, informed that many cattle have died due to infection in last few days.

Kino, on behalf of Dissing-Passo circle, urged district veterinary officers concerned to provide all possible assistance to the farmers to protect their animals.

Considering seriousness of LSD, Changlanthe DM Sunny K Singh has ordered the cattle owners to report any suspected case to nearest veterinary centre for further analysis and appropriate action.

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