State song needs to mirror unity in diversity!

Arunachal Pradesh, a treasure trove of nature and hub of numerous indigenous community with their unique and distinct cultures and traditions, draws tourists, travellers,  researchers, saints from far and wide.

With the concrete evidence of Ashoka era engraving on huge rocks at Motongsa hill near Nampong in Changlang district, where Buddhist monks from far and wide mediate for days together, I had once argues in a national seminar in Rajiv Gandhi University that Ashoka's son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra might have returned from Myanmar (Burma) through the same route used by Tai prince Sukaphaa, from Mong Mao had reached Brahmaputra valley to set up Ahom kingdom to rule for 600 years successfully resisted Mughal expansion in NE India.

Former minister, late Setong Sena had personally told me once that he had built a staging hurt and laid a water pipe for the monks in that hilly spot, which takes almost a day-long foot march from Nampong to reach.

The 1972 melodious song of India's global cultural icon Dr Bhupenda's melodious number - “Suraj ka Kiran”, “Sirij Ka Bhushan Prabhat Surya Sumvit Desh Hamara Arunachal” - is sang almost as a state song in all important functions.

Why Arunachal, having state bird, animal, symbol etc., can't have a state song? - this question haunted me for years. Based on my 32-year-long experiences, I composed:

Arunachal Ki Santan

                                              By Pradeep Kumar

Yeh bhumi kitni sundar hai

Hara makhmal ki ek chaddar hai

Hum rehene walen esh dharti ke....1

Jahan suraj chanda khilte hain

luka chupi barfila pahado ke piche

Hum rehene walen esh dharti ke....2

Suraj ki kirna chumte pahele jahan

Woh hey Arunachal Pradesh

Hum rehene walen esh dharti ke...3

Ku Wancho machung, Ngo Nyishi maa,

Ngo Adi maang, Ngo Singpho n’ney,

Ngo Apatani maa, Nga Khampti ma-yin....4

Yeh bhumi kitni sundar hai

Hara makhmal ki ek chaddar hai...

Hum rehene walen esh dharti ke....5

Ngo Galo maa, Ngo Tangsa ramu

Nga Nocte, Naam Idu-Mishmi

Ngo Tagin nyima, Ney Monpa mein...6

Gu Sherdukpen bey, Nge Aka men

Ngo Sulung pua, Ngo Khampa maa

Hum rehene walen esh dharti ke

Hum hey Arunachal walen

Bharat ma ke sache santan...7

Originally tuned by classical singer Mrs Ananta Chakraborty and sang by her during the 29th foundation day celebration of the People's Party of Arunachal at Papu Nallah on 10.04.16 carving a niche for itself in the hearts of the gathering.

In fact, earlier, then chief minister Kalikho Pul, PPA working committee chairman Kameng Ringu and then speaker Wanki Lowang had highly appreciated the song and desired to adopt it as state song before approving it as inaugural song of  PPA foundation day. 

Sadly, mathematical wizard Pul, the longest serving finance minister of India, has left for heavenly abode.  But it is for those who matter for the state to consider if the state needs a state song or not?

(The composer is  pioneer journalist of the state, presently anchor of DDK & AIR, PTI correspondent and visiting faculty of RGU's masscommunication department)

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