Accountability: Who will bell the cat?

NAHARLAGUN/ITANAGAR| Mar 18 | The cyclonic wind snapped power supply on Friday midnight after bamboos broke on 33-KV, 11-KV and LT lines between Nirjuli and Naharlagun that plunged Naharlagun into darkness.
The power department staff swung into action since early Saturday morning to remove the bamboos but succeeded to restore power supply around 11 am, after 11 hours since the supply was snapped, baring intermittent supply. A wave of wind darkening the twin cities raises a simple question – if this Himalayan state is ready to accelerate development?
The moot question is how the bamboos fell on the lines? Were the nearly by trees not chopped off, when such high voltage lines drawn, most essential for safety? Who are responsible for this?
Any policy becomes meaningless if implementation process fails to match its objectives. The GoAP has proposed innovative policies to make the state unique in India. When the state capital lacks the basics, power supply in particular, essential to lead a normal life where would the development dream head for? It is pertinent to note that per capital power consumption is considered a development parameter in many counties.
The Central Electricity Authority assessment of huge 58,000-MW hydropower potentials is a known fact. But the present status is dismal with total installed hydropower capacity of 97.57-MW as of June 2016. The
existing power supply lines regrettably are supported at many palaces by rotten poles and even bamboo poles are used, making them vulnerable to life threatening. But who bothers?
The stock reply of the GoAP would be this was during the past regimes. But the lawmakers are aware that the government, according to the Constitution, has a perpetual life, irrespective of which chief minister heads it under which party.
The state stands where it is today for lack of accountability since it graduated to democracy in 1975. Nature trove Arunachal Pradesh would develop if only the lawmakers, policy framers and implementers rise above blame game, get ready to shoulder responsibility, the basic principles of accountability.
Thus, the foremost requirement is to enforce accountability at all levels to turn the dream into a reality. Who will bell the cat?
Storm created untold suffering
Our reporter adds: The storm in the intervening Friday-Saturday night created havoc by uprooting many small trees, bamboo plantation along both side of NH 415 and other sector roads, telephone and power lines that snapped power supply to affect normal life of Capital Complex denizens
Many electric and telephones poles & big hoarding right from Itanagar to Banderdewa were not spared by the tornado while few were either bend or tilted. IMC and Nirjuli Highway Division workers were pressed into service to clear the debris to restore supply.
Social activist Jarjum Ette leading a team of volunteers was seen busy in cleaning the garbage dumped in front of Akashdeep near Ganga. After collecting more than two trucks of garbage from the location, she made a fervent appeal one and all not to dump garbage in open which create unhygienic condition.

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