Time for we Indians to stand united!

By Marina Doye

India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, republic but 7th largest country by area and second most populous nation with about 133 crore population to be the largest democracy in the world.

We heterogeneous people are brought to one platform by languages, religions and  castes bring in this most diverse nation to glue us to sing in chorus what we feel right. But most regrettably, language-religion-caste fanatics divide many of the innocent people many a times to serve their vested interest. Religious and caste riots and racial discrimination are byproducts of destructive acts of such fanatics, who spread religious intolerance and caste hatred.

Caste hatred and disrespect to any religion are obstruction to development path. Thus, it is time for each Indian to rise to the occasion. When India is marching speedily towards progress, it is the moral duty of we every citizen to guard against any divisive act.

The central and state governments, while playing a very important role in this respect, should take visible steps to prevent any damage to any religious institution, be it  temple or masjid, church; besides realistic actions to maintain communal harmony and protect  traditional heritage of our nation.

We all should avoid  casteism, recalling Gandhiji’s war against untouchability, learn to respect each other’s religion, prevent any religious war, maintain brotherhood for the spirit of fellow feeling to pave way for equitable socio-economic and religious development of  one and all. India will raise its head among the comity of nations once this is achieved.

Some national progammes involving youths of all state and UTs should be organised and inter-state culture  exchange programmes made mandatory for each college for the youths to know their country and countrymen.

Such steps will neither allow recurrence of NE people fleeing many cities of India like in August 2012 due to racial hatred nor we Arunachalees be called chinki or daju in mainland India.

Many Indians are not aware we Arunachalees greet each other with Jai Hind. We should also not forget the Constitution begins with “WE,THE PEOPLE OF INDIA….”. If Triranga is our safeguard, let Jai Hind unite us to be sons and daughters of Bharat!

(The writer, an Arunachalee woman, coordinator of saints in Haridwar ashram, shuttles between her divine canvas and galmour world as a model and Bollywood actress)

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