Traditional witchcraft in practice evokes claims and counter claims

ITANAGAR | Apr 24 | Even in today’s IT age, traditional witchcraft is still in practice in Arunachal Pradesh as has surfaced recently that too involving qualified people commanding higher position in the society. The news itself is a glittering proof

ABKYW lodges complaint against witchcraft

Our correspondent  Maksam Tayeng reports from Pasighat: In a recent incident of torture, molestation and abusing of four persons from same family (two daughters and wife & husband) through occult and witchcraft practices, Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing (ABKYW) has lodged an FIR against some perpetrators on April 18 last.

The ABKYW alleged that one Cinthina Moyong, (ex-wife of Er. Dibang Tayeng), her sister Osor Moyong Tayeng (wife of Bidol Tayeng) and one Maksup Yomso have reportedly forced Onima Moyong and her younger sister Elina Moyong along with their mother to accept possessing of evil spirits or act like a spirit occupied person so that information regarding activities of Tayeng, Cinthina’s ex-husband could be obtained from them.

The alleged perpetrators also took the victims to cremation ground at 21 Mile in the wee hours of midnight and from there the torture began with both the sisters making them wears saris, forcing them to burry an idol etc, which was condemned ABKYW GS Toi Modi with documentary evidences.

However,  Osor Moyong Tayeng, wife of present education secretary Bidol Tayeng, today termed fabricated and false all misgivings created in media, particularly online and social media, about four members of her family, victims of witchcraft at Pasighat, rather those behind it were part of the game plan.

In her clarification from Pasighat, she alleged that witchcraft was practiced in Cintina Moyong’s private house in Pasighat with the intention of obtaining information about WRD EE Dibang Tayeng, her former husband, with whom her relation broke in 2012 for he allegedly committed domestic violence.

“Besides leveling various allegations against us, all those involved are relatives but staying in the same house. All are females except one male, her uncle. Thus, the question of outraging modesty does not arise among females and relatives. Parents/uncle of the children were present in the same house when the spirit was invoked which again nullified allegation of kidnapping or wrongful confinement,” she said.

“Where God is there, evil is also there. We worship god and drive away evils. When evils possesses any human being, we in Adi society practice intimidation or even mild torture or beating with brooms or even put chilly in mouths to drive away the evil from the possessed person. The photographs show both believers of traditional practice of driving away evil as well as believer of ‘Maa’. The pictures were selected by the media in such a way so as to suit the exaggerated story and draw attention of the readers. The truth will ultimately surface to expose actual persons behind the compliant”.

“A complaint about witchcraft and black magic being practiced against our family was filed with Itanagar & Pasighat police stations and East Siang SP on April 14, 15 and 17 last respectively,” she said and substantiated by enclosing copies.

“Full video clipping clearly showing all family members and relatives were present during the performance, a traditional practice”, she claimed, adding that “we were well aware in advance for which lodged complaint with the police against all  involved in such black magic practice. They are likely to get exposed. They may try to lodge false and misleading complaint against me. Exactly, the incomplete video clipping supported false and misleading complaint,” she said.

“This was nothing but to blame and tarnish my family image,” she claimed.

The FIR says: “If any loss of lives takes place in my family or relatives due to black magic, we will hold the persons practicing black magic responsible for the loss of live. We are victims of witchcraft and question of any kind of abetment by us for their suicide will not arise. Further, when the culprits are likely to get caught and exposed, they may try to lodge false and misleading complaints against us stating that we are the people who have practiced the with craft against them. They may try to do this by providing incomplete video clippings to support their misleading complaints”.

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