Indira imposed emergency to save her political career

BJP observes ‘Black Day’


ITANAGAR | Jun 27 |  Power and Industry Minister Tamiyo Taga today said that the than prime minister Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency by defying all constitutional norms only to save her  political  career.

Addressing a function organised by the BJP its HQs here observed ‘Black Day’ by recalling the emergency period (1975 to 1977), he said that ‘There are only few sections in Constitution applicable to imposition of emergency, but she had pressed for it, while enlisting the history, a BJP release said.

“Once  former PM and BJP leader Atal Bihari  Vajpayee  had portrayed Indira as ‘goddess Durga’ due to her strong perception during Bangladesh war  that had compelled Pakistan to surrender, Taga said, adding that  thousands of people throughout the country started agitating against her decision of  imposing emergency and her leadership after declaration  of emergency.

Echoing similar sentiment, BJP state secretary Ramesh Kadaganchi said that “Congress had murdered democracy for the benefit of its own leaders”. The decision to declare emergency was taken inside the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ attended by few Congress leaders close to IG and Sanjay Gandhi.

“Congress has no right to point fingers at BJP-led Govt while having a past black chapter of emergency when fundamental rights were curtailed, lakhs of political leader of BJP and other parties were arrested  and even the media freedom curtailed,” slammed  Ramesh. He added that the slogan given by the than Congress leaders ‘Indira is India – Indira is Congress’ is totalitarian and not acceptable at all.

BJP spokesperson Techi Necha and GS Jarpum Gamlin highlighted the history of  24-month emergency and its cascading effects.

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