Vedic Vihangam yoga mantra for healthy body & sound mind


NAHARLAGUN | Oct 29 | Vihangam yoga, a Vedic system and science, maintained since  time immemorial, is capable of making a body healthy and mind sound Sadhguru Acharya Swatantra Dev Maharaj of Varanas today said.

Addressing a huge gathering during the valedictory function of a two-day event at Mela Ground here, he said that people of cosmetic world having no time to take self care due to work pressure & shortage of time and have been suffering from lots of disease, he cautioned. But he exhorted the masses to practice Vihangam yoga daily for a healthy body and sound mind. It is a Vedic system and science, maintained since  time immemorial, he added.

“The god lives where there is love. The god showers light on the soul, which reflects truth, devotion, surrender, sense of service”, he reasoned.

He told devotees that leading spiritual life is not only essential but indispensable need of  humanity, which help develop life. Life being precious, a great gift of god, should not be wasted to allow it to move without any goal. The eternal power of god is within the soul, which would get enlightened with sadhguru’s technique ofsatsang, that amplifies spirituality.

Moreover, 251 Kundiya Vedic Mahayagya was performed by hoisting white flag inscribed with ‘A’.   Describing the glory of yajna sant pariwar vigyan, he said that yajna is the auspicious global act and every propitious work is a yajna. Yajna aims at renouncing selfishness leading to a benevolent life. Any substance put in fire is not destroyed but spreads, he clarified.

Pointing out rule of physics that no object is  destroyed but gets  transformed, he said the function of fire is to transform gross matters into a subtle form. Through Vedic mantra, the atmosphere is full of  divine energy, which, he termed a perfect way to prevent present global warming.

Thousands of people reciting Vedic Mantras in chorus performed Vedic yajyna for material and spiritual uplift. The initiation of practical knowledge of Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga for peace and spiritual uplift of human mind was given to new ones present on the occasion, an initiative of state unit of Vihangam Sansthan.

State unit president Tanga Kena also addressed the gathering, which included Parliamentary Secretary and Karaya Bagang, sant Kishenji, Madan Mohan Singh (Tezpur), Chandrakant Jaiswal(Mumbai),  BM Sharma (Imphal), Yogendra Gupta, Maliram Agarwal, Shiv Kumar Singh, R. Pradhan, Bablu Shrivastav.

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