Schools to invite action for dysfunctional toilets

AE Yami interacting with Puroik Colony members

Arunachal mission ODF

*AE assures IHHLs for Puroik Colony

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR | Jan 02 | Though the GoAP has announced that Arunachal Pradesh has attained open defecation (ODF) free status as all facts and figures hardly come to lime light.

Capital DC Prince Dhawan has not only shown personal interest in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) but initiated  much bolder step for attaining ODF status in his district. Document available with this daily proved that he took up with PHE&WS department, nodal agency to implement ODF, and extension of SBA, to ensure construction of septic latrine in all 80 schools for which fund has been specifically allocated.

Moreover, the DC leading a team has been inspecting the schools to find out whether such toilets have been built and functional or not.

However, some schools reportedly have given completion certificates without the latrines being made functional. Such school authorities should get ready to face music as the fact would surface during surprise inspection by DC appointed teams headed by EAC or CO to invite official action. His office refused to divulge schedule, saying it would be surprise inspection.

It is better not to forget Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s warning “Perform or perish” to all GoAP authorities, including ministers to work as expected or get ready to face action.

However, as desired  by Dhawan, IMC AE Techi Yami inspected Puroik Colony at Papu Nallah here today and while discussing with Puroik Autonomous Welfare Board vice chairman Siji Nanu and Puroik Colony Development Welfare Society chairman  Ciji Nanu expressed her dismay over their lackadaisical attitude.

“I had inspected on 28.11.17,  got the colony surveyed and had sought estimate to build individual household latrines (IHHLs) but why have you not submitted it? Why have you been living here without IHHLs?, the duo had no reply to her questions.

She assured to facilitate IHHs as per GoAP guidelines, but  responding to a question from an elderly woman – Are Nyishis entitled for such latrines? – she quipped:  “I don’t know Nyishi, Adi, Apatanti but only know that every human being consumes foods to survive and discharge excreta, which pollutes the environment if septic latrines are not used.

Oman lawmaker Karya Bagang, present Industries, Textiles Handlooms & Handicraft Parliamentary Secretary, on learning about Puroik Colony, where many from East Siang, have been rehabilitated, desired to visit.

Meanwhile, status of Vijoynagar in Changlang district, located along India-Tibet-Myanmar tri-junction, would be known once National Youth Project (NYP) team led by president H P Biswas and vice president Pradeep Kumar, complete the proposed survey of the land-locked area, contrary to the announcement that Arunachal Pradesh has achieved ODF status.

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