Tomorrow returns today with a new identify

BOGIBEEL | Feb 01 | Meeting Muhin Buragohain, working as a colleague in Arunachal Times in 1989, after a gap of 29 years, was a matter of sheer coincidence to amply justifies duniya gol hai (Earth is round).

He was one of the 25 employees who were retrenched when the first daily of the state switched over from hand composing to offset printing by setting up a machine at Bnaderdewa. He joined a press at Namsai and got married to a Khampti but started trading in betel nuts to earn more for a decent living. However, on one occasion, he had paid Rs 21,000 to his dealer who  neither offered him a glass of water or a chair in his house.

Returning home with a deeply hurt sentiment, he pondered deeply how to earn respect while earning and took to trading homemade dresses of world famous  Edi and Muga, for which Assam in famous while their production is very high in his native area Machkhowa in Dhemaji district.

Riding a bike with a bag full of dresses, he has been touring 17 states for the last 17 years but the glow in his face and confidence in his talks reflected his total satisfaction in his business.

Pointing out with conviction that “Dhan pale jan na paye, jan pale dhan na paye” (wealth and respect never go together), he cited some of the memorable incidents like in the first attempt he had sold a product worth Rs 400 for Rs 1200 while in second he had earned Rs 1600. Moreover, the respect given by DC, ministers and their families had convinced him that this traditional business would prove the Assamese proverb wrong. And he expressed his total satisfaction during interaction on a boat while crossing the mighty Brahmaputra on Tuesday.

His quality product was demonstrated by a class-XII girl Shilpa Puri, who was proceeding from Gogamukh with her classmate Pinky Puri to Duliajan.

Impressed with the dresses, I invited him to join the Statehood Day celebration at IG Park on February 20 next by opening a stall with his Edi and Muga product which he consented.

After learning that the girls are adept in dance and songs, Pratidin Time reporter Mintu Tamuli informed the girls that large number of Nepalees in Capital Complex have a society to organise various events which they can join on invitation.

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