‘AYANG’ organizes blood donation camp

From Correspondent

PASIGHAT | Feb 15 | A dedicated NGO, “AYANG” working tirelessly to safe life by donating blood and organizing blood donation camps on voluntary initiative for needy patients, organized blood donation camp on Valentine Day in association with blood bank department of Bakin Pertin General Hospital here.

Opening the blood donation camp, East Siang ADC (HQ) Tatdo Borang and DMO Dr. Mandip Perme said that, blood donation is a noble and humanitarian move which needs appreciation from all quarters. “I personally feel that, giving blood to needy people at their hour of need is a noblest work and as a human being we should promote such kind of helping hand”, added Borang. While Dr Perme said that, donating blood doesn’t have any health defect as rumored by some, as Red Blood cell has certain life span after which it automatically dies and new one gets formed. So, blood donation needs to be encouraged, added Dr Perme.

While Dr. Kaling Jerang said that, at present the state of Arunachal Pradesh is under huge deficit of blood requirements due to which blood donations need to be encouraged. Jt. Director Health Services, BPGH Dr. D. Raina and Dr. YR Darang, MS who were also present appreciated the effort of AYANG.

At the average of 15000 blood units required in a year during the year 2014, only 5000 units were available and organizing such blood donation camp by AYANG is a good initiative. The Founder Chairman of AYANG, Aini Taki Taloh who herself is a notable blood donor candidly says that, she loves doing humanitarian works and organizing a blood donation camp during Valentine Day was conceived to promote blood donations among the youth. About 20 units of blood were donated during the day and a 7 year old girl in Guwahati Medical College, Assam was also donated blood by AYANG, informed enthusiast Taloh who deserves due reorganization from the state Government for her notable works.

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