Cong to return to power in 2019: Sanjoy

BJP slammed for dividing people 

KHARSANG, July 29: Holding the BJP solely responsible for today’s religious conflicts besides dividing assembly Miao Assembly constituency on the basis of culture, faith and community, large number of people joined Congress expressing their ire against the ruling BJP during a rally here on Sunday.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu-led BJP’s communal politics has polluted   the tribal society  and his  Govt  damaged the process of self sustaining and self sufficiency  system by ignoring to develop irrigation system that had has forced the poor to  abandon their age-old traditional  paddy cultivation  and turn daily wage earners in tea gardens, according to an PCC release.

The aggrieved community-based leaders slammed the Govt for failure to develop infrastructure, ensure good governance, raising land revenues, inability to explore rich coal, oil and forest resources of the area while and employment opportunities decreased.

The youths of the constituency addicted to drug abuse said that the present Govt ignored and neither implemented any policy for their development nor created platforms for their socio-economic uplift.

“Congress is the only party to bring change in Miao constituency,” the gathering shouted univocally reflecting their anger against the GoAP’s failure take up all round development of the area.

Highlighting contributions of Congress to state development, APCC president Takam Sanjay said that Miao with Kharsang rich in mineral resources is state’s richest constituency  and its people are not poor, but forced to be poor for not exploiting  available resources. Kharsang people have the right to receive compensation for Trans-Arunachal Highway and natural resources exported from this area. Non-payment of compensation is total violation of their rights. Hence, they should revolt against the current Govt, he added.

BJP has manipulated NEC funds sanctioned for state development while PM  Modi Govt has withdrawn transport and other subsidies for the state, exposing negative attitude of the BJP and present central leadership, he said and slammed  Modi led BJP Govt  for sealing  people’s right on own hard earnings.

He quoted AICC president Rahul Gandhi’s assurance to the masses ‘Daro mat’ (Do not fear) but resist against the bad policy of the Centre, but urged women folk, ex-servicemen and youth to be part of the party for a better tomorrow before announcing to over 5,000 gathering: Congress will come to power in 2019 with a change as desired by people.

Public leader Chatu Longri lauded Congress for development being enjoyed by people of the constituency today. He said that people in the constituency have no sustainable source of income under regime of BJP succumbing Yobin and Gorkha communities to misery. Their existence   is almost in danger due to non availability of proper education, health facilitates, employment avenues and    communication.

APCC VP Marina Kenglang, RGPRS state convenor Joram Jaya also slammed BJP for playing “gender inequality” card with vested interest and reduced women participation in political sphere, failed to implement women related schemes and trampled the rights of people at grassroots level. Thus, demanded early conduct of PRI election.

APCC VP Minkir Lollen, senior public leaders I.N Singpho, K. Chithanr, former BJP state council member ST. Morangd, former  Changlang ZPC Junpo Jugli, youth leader  Munglong Ngemu, Yobin Tribe Welfare Committee president Lucheso Yobin, former  GPC Chet Narayan, former minister Tinghap Taiju and APYC president Geli Ete also spoke.

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