FIR lodged against posts of parliamentary secretaries


ITANAGAR, July 31: In a bizarre development, two persons lodged an FIR with Itanagar police station today against Chief Minister Pema Khandu and others in tune with Itanagar Permanent Bench High court verdict of July 25 terming appointment of parliamentary secretaries (PSs) as “unconstitutional”.

The duo Tarh Gambo and Taki Tamin of Chimpu quoted the HC verdict while disposing of PIL No. 22(AP) 2016 (SI No 2046) Sri Khyoda Ram Vs State of Arunachal Pradesh and 36 others and Supreme Court of India declaring such appointment in Assam as “unconstitutional” under Article 194, which does not expressly authorize the state legislature to create such an office, the FIR said.

They cited example of presence of PSs during inauguration of 132 double circuit transmission line from Hoj to Itanagar l/C 2X20 MVA and 132/33KV sub-station at Chimp as reported in local media.

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