Rebuttal and strong objection on the ‘NEWS item’


I take this opportunity to put on record strong objection & rebuttal on the said ‘news item’ which mentions that Education Secretary Madhu Rani Teotia i.e., the undersigned actions are against the decision of State Govt.

It is surprising to note that an esteemed newspaper like yours has published a ‘news’ which is wrong, devoid of facts, unverified, misleading and does not make any sense. There is no such proposal for out of turn promotion of serving teachers to meet up the requirement of subject teachers. On the contrary, all out of turn promotes are going to be revoked as per Cabinet Decision. So, this ‘report’ in itself is without any basis.

It is expected that before any item is made a ‘News’ and that too involving a Govt, servant/department, necessary inputs on facts would be verified from the person concerned and/or department concerned. However, your newspaper has failed in doing so.

Yours etc.,

Dr. Madhu Rani Teotia, IAS, secretary (education) cum SPD-ISSE

Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar

Editor’s note: It is surprising that a senior officer has no idea about ‘news’ and ‘letter to editor’ column. No news has been published in this daily without verification and this editor has never been questioned since 1988. In case of a press release, clarification is sought for carrying both side views, but not in case of a letter’s to editor. The mandatory practice is to publish rejoinder against any ‘Letter to editor’. The published one was a “letter to editor” for that editor cannot be charged with such language which is unexpected too.

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