APPSCC fiasco a mockery: APCC

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Reacting to the ongoing episode in conduct of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE) with most of the aspirants but those agitating are being tortured, APCC president Takam Sanjoy on Monday termed it as nothing but mockery.

Total 24,000 had applied to APPSC applied in 2018 of whom 22,000 qualified to appear preliminary exam on 26.11.18 and 1,339 qualified for the main. Though the APPSCCE is still in high court, but examinations started on November 10, he told media persons.

A group of examinees had approached him to inform that they would boycott and not allow anyone to appear as question papers were leaked. But, the state administration remained mute spectator as almost 60% of the aspirants have been boycotting the exam reflecting breakdown of APPSC system.

On the second of the examination 711- 180 in King Cup Public School centre (KCPSC) & 531 in APPSC centre in first sitting and 645 –  174 in KCPSC and 471 in APPSC in second sitting had only appeared.

Police lathi-charged and used water cannons against the examinees as if they are culprits, he said and termed such actions are condemnable as never seen in state history. Despite the situation turning volatile due to total collapse of state administration, the state governor and CMO instead of intervening remained mute spectators, he rued.

Interestingly, those who could not qualify, have been alleging leakage of question papers and protesting from day one due to loss of their trust in APPSC, supposed to be an independent body. Moreover, 694 qualified for mains have boycotted in protest.

Moreover, people had moved to high court demanding cancellation of the process, indefinite postponement till finding a conducive atmosphere to conduct it. The HC in an indecisive order directed to conduct the main but keep the answer sheets in sealed envelopes.

The protest had another angle is that the questions were repetition of questions set in Pakistan, but the scrutiny process was defective as the APPSU had intervened about scrutiny of Geography answer scripts and he APPSC had qualified 399 examinees more, he said and wondered why not total answer scripts?

Considering the prevailing grave situation with APPSC image totally tarnished while it has black spots due to question papers leakage on many occasions in the past, Sanjoy urged the GoAP, the Cabinet and APPSC to cancel the entire exercise, postpone the exams, conduct thorough probe into question paper leakage, take the guilty to task, strengthen APPSC with free, fair, honest, and unbiased personnel to conduct the exam on specific date.

Responding a volley of questions, he said that such situation has occurred as state administration, ministers and MLAs have totally failed though unemployment problem in rural and urban areas have been skyrocketing. “Is it a bureaucratic Govt? If not, why the governor’s office and CMO failed to intervene for common cause of the state”, he questioned?

Pointing out that the examinees should have filed a FIR for copy pasting the questions and leakage of question papers; he said the charge of the examinees cannot be ruled out.

When pointed out that APPSC had admitted clerical error but denied question paper leakage, Sanjoy repeated his answer and added that The APPSC & GoAP should have gone to HC with a plea to vacate the order for cancelling the process and re-conduct it as hundreds were already protesting.

When asked if APPSC and GoAP don’t buzz, Sanjoy, flanked by other senior leaders, said that the students are already on the street and such situation witnessed for first time in state’s history would prompt the people with the students to revolt and the rank and file of Congress would follow suit.

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