Survey on bonded labourers | GoI offers Rs 4 lakh to district: NHRC

YUPIA, Nov 15: The GoI will offer Rs.4 lakh  to every district for conducting survey on bonded labourers on economic aspects, migrant labours’ welfare and child trafficking cases, NHRC thematic special reporteur Dr. Ashok Sahu said during interaction with Papum Pare DC Dr. Joram Beda, SP Tumme Amo and other officers here on Thursday.

Dr Sahu, who is on a five-day state visit to assess their welfare measures, economic bondage and trafficking, said that basic minimum welfare activities should be provided to migrant workers working in different sectors, like minimum wages, comforts including  accommodation, health, subsidised food, social security schemes  and education to children.  He also highlighted Govt rehabilitation schemes for bonded labourers.

Briefing about present status of bonded and migrant labourers, Dr Beda earlier said that  due to change in state’s social scenario lot of changes has taken place and many welfare activities taken up by the GoAP to rehabilitate the bonded labourers.

Amo informed that mass awareness programmes are conducted to sensitise people on laws, POSCO, traffics rules and labour laws.

Labour register officer Koj Kano highlighted present status and report of labour in the district and Arunachal Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.  In all 3000 workers of the district are registered with Board and around 1800 have been provided benefit under various. (DIPRO)

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