People’s Observation | Why road estimate includes cost for done works?


The below signatory through the esteemed columns of your daily would like to draw attention of authority concerned towards matter of people’s interest.

Self-help basis road connectivity to villages of Lower Dibang Valley and East Siang district was highlighted in local media on 22.11.15.

However, a letter was written to LD Valley East Siang DC, Dambuk ADC Mebo PWD EE and Eastern Zone B CE on 10.08.18 for construction of 15-km (approx) road from Bizari village via Anpum in Lower Dibang Valley district to Seram in East Siang district.

 A social service, conducted by Okep Perme Ghat Committee, was attended by public of both districts and the road was inaugurated by Bizari senior citizen Atudu Umbey. The then the Bizari village chairperson Oriak Perme that day had committed to approach both MLAs and district administrations for sanctioning fund for renovation.

However, a tender notice was floated for the same road and won by Rojum Tayeng, proprietor of M/s R.T Enterprises, son of Mebo MLA-cum-advisor to chief minister Lombo Tayeng. It is surprising that the earth work (embankent) and jungle cutting amounting Rs.21, 312, 564 were included in estimated cost though already finished during 2015.

Thus, I would like to ask the state Govt as to why such huge amount of public money has been misappropriated, instead of using it for other developmental work in public interest.

Yours etc.

Arsang Pertin,

village – Kiyit,

East Siang district.

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