Daria Hill a probable tourist destination

By Our Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Jan 18: Minister Environment, Forest and Land Management Nabam Rebia visited several high hills and hills top to ascertain the beauty of state capital.

Rebia along with team of officers from forest department, local land owners, few GBs of Itanagar and Naharlagun and senior citizens went on day long trekking to Daria Hills via Borum covering a distance of around 15-20 km on Wednesday.

Rebia expressed concern that despite virgin land and forest there was no wild animals and exhorted the land owners not to allow any hunters to venture in to the forest to kill any remaining wild animals. Those should be protected for a better environment as the life cycle is interlinked with the food chain and such extinction of wild life may cause imbalance in nature.

After reaching Daria Hill top, he said that the state capital looks beautiful but lack of land for creating several parks and place for natural amusement. If someone with family and friends want to enjoy the original and virgin nature may not find any place in entire Capital Complex as most of the land have either been urbanised or encroached for construction of several infrastructure for human needs.

Rebia said there are few places in the vicinity on the top of the hill which can be developed into a tourist destination in future as there are many people who wanted to visit nearby place to enjoy in Mother Nature and come back same day and this place is suitable.

He said that he would send a team of forest officers separately for a detailed study including area, forest and other activities for him to write to district administration to study the aspect and scope for development of tourist site with all facilities without destroying its natural aspect.

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