Taring Dui- a man with a mission

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR, Feb 10: Upper Subansiri Panchayati Raj interim committee member Taring Dui, who plunged into politics about three decades ago, lauded the article – Are money & muscle power maiming democracy? – published in February 9 edition of this daily, saying that cleansing any  election from money menace holds key to state’s development.

Many genuine and good politicians have lost election to state assembly for failure to pump in money, said Dui, present APCC general secretary, adding that he would continue to serve the society without any expectation.

With simultaneous assembly and Lok Sabha elections due soon, the ongoing campaign against cash-for-vote should be intensified and the civil society should awake as such practice has been the cause for lack of development of this natural resources rich state, he said with conviction.

He recalled his association with various NGOs, including Tagin Cultural Society, Akil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parisahd and Youth Hostel Association of India, besides serving as chairman of state’s Science and Technology Council during the tenure of chief minister Gegong Apang.

“I have derived lot of satisfaction from serving the people through did not benefit from politics”, he added.

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