Cong to have dilki rishta with Arunachalees, to reverse BJP’s anti-NER decisions: Rahul

*Modi dittoed China’s claim over Arunachal by inking 3 MoUs
By A O News Service
ITANAGAR, Mar 19: The Congress party rising above politics wishes to maintain its dilki rishta (heart to heart ties) with people of North Eastern region (NER), Arunachal Pradesh in particular, to facilitate their growth in their own indigenous way without any imposition like the BJP and RSS, AICC president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday.
Addressing thousands of people attending Congress mega rally in heart of state capital at Indira Gandhi Park here, the first in NER after announcement of simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, the young leader said that the BJP Govt headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi since 2014 has been destroying the nation built systematically by the Congress by imposing its single thought process developed in New Delhi influenced by RSS HQs Nagpur.
“The cultures, traditions and languages of NER, especially in Arunachal, are unique but the region faces peculiar hardship for development due to lack of road connectivity, hospitals, colleges, universities, helipads and airports. That was why the Congress had given special category status, introduced special plan assistance (SPA) and set up Planning Commission to develop NER by considering strategic importance and peculiarity for the region to develop to be at par with rest of India.
“But PM Modi withdrew special category status and SPA besides dismantled the Planning Commission that made NER development upside down. Moreover, imposition of GST, which he termed as Gabbar Singh Tax, and adopting mindless demonetization destroyed the national economy by snatching away livelihood sources of small and medium businessmen across the nation and took away people’s won hard earning. Moreover, Congress evolved NE Industrial Development Policy (NEIDP) to benefit entrepreneurs was also withdrawn, he said.
He announced that after coming to power in 2019, the Congress will restore special category status, SPA & NEIDP and introduce simple but single GST in place of Gabbar Singh Tax and banks honour all small loans seekers, the Govt would set up food processing plants and facilitate forward and backward linkage for the state farmers to get remunerative process for their produce to the thunderous applause of huge gathering.
To his question: “Except false promises has PM Modi given you anything? – ‘nothing’ came the sound. PM Modi had announced to provide jobs to two crore youths, but unemployment in India is highest during the last 45 years The Congress has never taken anything but given everything and I announce the central Govt would introduce guaranteed minimum income scheme (GMIS) which would consider those below minimum income and remit the less amount to bring them at par. His announcement was greeted again by the masses.
PM Modi rejected Rafael deal (fighter jet of France) decided by former PM Manmohan Singh and defence minister AK Antony for Rs 526 crore per jet and Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd to build jets by negotiating directly violating all set norms with France President to buy jet at Rs 16,000 crore to benefit with Anil Ambani by Rs 30,000 crore, which exposed his claim mein chowkidar hun. After looting now he claims we all are chowkidar, taunted Rahul.
Defence minister said she was not aware of the deal of the PM, the CBI failed to honour Supreme Court directive to probe it as the PM did not allow for which the director was dismissed, but restored again, Rahul said, and quoted The Hindu which referred to France President saying the deal was by PM Modi. Modi is allowing 15-20 top business tycoons to loot the nation benefitting, he said and wondered why only Modis are involved in financial frauds, like Neerab Modi? Why central Govt cannot benefit the poor and needy section instead, Rahul questioned?
The attempt enact Citizen Amendment Bill, 2016 aimed at destroying the existence of NER people was prevented by him Rajya Sabha, he said and assured that the CAB would never be enacted to protect the NER and its people though BJP president Amit Shah has announced to enact it if BJP comes to power.
PM Modi talks of patriotism while after 3½ hours Phulwama attack, he was shooting his film in Corbat National Park while supported China’s claim that Arunachal territory disputed by inking three MoUs with China at Bangaluru, never took up the issue when he hoisted Chinese President Xi Jinping in Delhi few years ago and during unscheduled visit to Bejing again.

Congress does what it says, he said before introducing party’s Lok Sabha candidates Nabam Tuki (West seat) and L Wanglat (East seat) to the gathering. He mourned three martyrs on PRC issue and wished speedy recovery of those injured in firing, few of whom he had met during his recent visit to Guwahati. When Arunachalees are peace loving what was the need to kill them by firing instead of resolving the issue through dialogues with own people, questioned visibly emotional Rahul? He proved his dilki rishata by moving to the ground from the pandal to meet people and even sacking hand with them.
AICC GS (Arunachal in-charge) Luzino Falerio saluted Arunachalees for zealously guarding their age-old cultures, tradition and natural resources for which first PM Jawaharlal Nehru had introduced Panchsheel as a protective seal.
But BJP by hijacking people’s mandate given to Congress in 2014 has been ruining everything, he said, and explained how Congress developed the state that had received huge financial package from PM Manmohan Singh in 2008. Thus, Congress led by Rahul is only savior of Arunachal, he said, terming Arunachal as his home.
APCC president Takam Sanjoy, in his introductory remarks, highlighted how NEFA was converted into UT by former PM Indira Gandhi in 1972, given full-fledged statehood in 1987 for the people rule themselves democratically as “Congress and Arunachal are true partners progress and development of its of people”.
Congress built everything peacefully but the BJP without mandate shockingly destroyed everything, killed people by deploying para-military forces and the Army including at Tawang, Sanjoy said and urged the masses to assess the misdeeds of BJP in ensuring elections.
Earlier, Tuki took dig at BJP for destroying democracy built systematically by the Congress since India gained independence.
The rally begun with one-minute silent prayers by the dignitaries with the gathering.
Lok Sabha member Ninong Ering, Wanglant, AICC secretary Zenith Sangma, AIYC secretary Tauqir Alam, CLP leader Takam Pario, APMC president Nabam Yakum, APCC GS Rajen Nani, APYC president Geli Ete, former APCC president Padi Richo univocally reiterated: Jhumla BJP sarkar hatao, Congress lao to restore the lost glory of the state over PRC and ACB issues.
The rally begun after one-minute silent prayers by the dignitaries with the gathering for the martyrs.

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