‘Game of number’: Will NPP & PPA be next king makers?

By Pradeep Kumar
ITANAGAR, Mar 23: The National People’s Party (NPP), which surfaced in Arunachal Pradesh on 16.07.18 with the joining of nine the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA), has been getting strengthened day by day for April 11 simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.
Though four MLAs were left and rest had defected, the last NPP Legislature party leader Tanga Byalaing, but eight BJP MLAs including Home Minister Kumar Waii (Bameng) and Industry Minister Jarkar Gamlin (Along East), one PPA and 19 other saffron party leaders joined to swell its strength as the party gets ready for the April 11 simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.
NPP president-cum-Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma has welcomed the development. Despite being an alliance of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA), the NPP would face its first acid test without any pre-poll alliance but its doors would remain open for post-poll alliance with like-minded parties.
NPP’s constituency-wise 34 candidates are Mutchu Mithi (Roing), Kumar Waii (Bameng), Nikh Kamin (Bodumsa-Dyun), Nikh Khopi (Lekang), Tirong Aboh (Khonsa West), Tony Pertin (Dambuk), Danhang Phuksa (Khonsa East), Tahang Taggu (Rumgong), Jampa Thinley Kunkhap (Lumla), Tsering Gyurme (Dirang), Pani Taram (Koloriang), Tapuk Taku (Seppa East), Jarpum Gamlin (Liromoba), Shoney Pertin (Mebo), Gokar Basar (Basar), Katro Kaye (Nari-Koyu), Tarh Hari (Sagalee), Tarin Dakpe (Raga), Rudham Sindhu (Taliha), Porchu Tamin (Daporijo), Aju Khunjuju (Bomdila), Pangka Bage (Dumporijo), Thangwang Wangham (Longding-Pumao), Jarkar Gamlin (Aalo East), Tori Ragyor (Mechuka), Malin Angam (Namsai), Liken Tao (Likabali), Tawang Lowang (Namsang) and Khawang Rangsu (Borduria-Bogapani), Nabam Vivek (Doimukh), Kipa Kanyi (Nyapin-Sangram), Tainam James Jugli (Nampong), Techi Tolu Tara (Itanagar) besides Khyoda Apik as candidate for Western Parliamentary constituency.
The lists approved by central election committee as signed by state NPP president Gicho Kabak were released by VP-cum-spokesman Nima Sange Sailing.
The PPA in it first list named former MLA Tara Payeng (Taliha), former MLA Nido Pavitra (Raga), sitting MLA Kardo Nigyor (Likabali), Tsepa Wangchu Khamba (Tuting), Ennong Ering (Pasighat East), Ahi Moyong (Mariang-Geku), Chawang Lowang (Borduria-Bogapani), Chiknga Wangpan (Longding-Pumao) and Longwang Wangham (Pongchao-Wakka) as Assembly candidates besides advocate Subu Kechi and Mongol Yomso as candidates for West and East Lok Sabha seats respectively.
Opposition Congress (INC) played hide and seek game in announcing names of Assembly candidates for reasons known to those who mater.
The Janata Dal (Secular) and The Janata Dal (United) have made fresh inroads in to the state to join the “festival of ballots” to field candidates for the first time. Thus, multi-corner contest in most Assembly seats among BJP, INC, NPP, PPA, JD(S) and JD (U) candidates is in offing to try their luck.

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