Basanti Puja begins

By A O News Service
NAHARLAGUN, Apr 13: The annual two-day Basanti Puja or Vasant Durga Puja begun in Naharlagun Kali Bari here on Saturday, organized by celebration committee with Mrinal Dey (president), Pradip Dutta (secretary) and KP Chakraborty (coordinator).
Hundreds of devotees made a beeline to worship the Goddess to seek her blessing. Pundit Dhananjay Chakraborty performed the rituals.
According to mythology, King Surath had lost his kingdom and was hiding in the forests when he met Samadhi Vaishya who also had lost kingdom. In the forest, they met Medha Muni who told them to perform Durga Puja during spring (Vasant) to get back their kingdoms. The duo performed Basanti Puja and got back their kingdoms. This begun the ritual of performing Basanti Durga, according to Markanda Puran.
The difference between Durga Puja and Basanti Puja is that the first falls in Autumn, performed first by Lord Rama, known as ‘Akalbodhan’ to awaken and seek her blessings to defeat Ravana, while the other in Spring.
The festival is most popular festival in West Bengal, Bengalesh and Nepal.

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