Stop commercializing festivals: Laling

* Nyishis barricade evil forces from human domain

By Pradeep Kumar
NIRJULI, Apr 16: Regretting over commercialization of festivals, particularly the food stalls, All Arunachal Pradesh Gao Bura Welfare Association president Gichik Laling, speaking as chief guest, advocated to end it as the state is known as ‘ Land of hospitality’.
Addressing revelers of Longte festival at Nyikum Niya ground here on Monday; he gave a clarion call to not deviate from cultural aspects to maintain its age-old uniqueness.
Doikum/Gumto HGB Nabam Epo as guest of honour said that Longte sounded like a festival linked to mithun but the only bloodless festival of numerous tribes of this Himalayan state as per Abotani mythology.
Earlier, a group of Nyishis led by traditional expert Dr Bengia Tobin barricaded all evil forces from human domain through annual ritual performed during Longte.
Reflecting their rich cultural heritage, the Nyishi performed lamin, a symbolic structure indicating multiplication and perpetuation of human races, said Dr Tubin, adding the bamboo poles (Longbey) serves as defence barricade to protect human race from any evil and harmful happening as was performed by ancestors since ages.
This day God Atu Gungte and goddess Ayu Gumru bless the humanity for perpetuation of human races, said Dr Tubin while highlighting mythology of the festival.
Anchor Taba Reema, who punctuated with her information, reminded all that “loss of culture and languages is loss of identity”.

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