Take up works on war footing: DC to PWD

ITANAGAR, May 14: Capital Complex DC Himanshu Gupta has directed PWD Capital division A & B to take up construction of bridge in between G Sector, F Sector in Division IV and Senki Park area and culvert at ESS Sector.

Hinting at chronic traffic jam causing concern for the commuters by wasting time, he said that the PWD has been asked to work on war footing to end traffic menace.

The bridge to connect Senki park, Division IV with F & G Sector and Ganga market on completion, may be in  next three months, would provide the much expected relief.

The culverts one which is located at ESS sector at upper side of ESS Sector which connect Bank Tinali and Ganga Market via Hotel Donyi Polo, DDK, ESS sector and SP Office is also taken up on priority basis. We have a meeting recently at the office of the Chief Secretary where the matter was discussed and CS take it as seriously. Direction was passed by CS and I do have visited and work will be started soon. DC Gupta said.

Attributing traffic problems to increase of vehicle on the road built few years ago, he said that encroachment of right of way (ROW) on NH & all sector and arterial roads, haphazard and wrong parking,  overtaking by violating traffic rules are other factors causing traffic jam, he said.

“We could regulate traffic smoothly if all stake holders cooperate in following traffic rules and the limited number traffic personnel have been putting their best efforts.

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