Let peace rule in Kurung Kumey district: Tagik

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR, May 17: With claims and counter claims for re-polling Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey districts reaching crescendo, a team of Election commission of India (ECI) visited the state recently and held discussion with all stakeholders of Palin and Tali assembly seats at Nirvachan Bhawan here.

But there has to be a solution to complete the election process with vote counting scheduled for May 23 next, former Krurung Kumey ZPC Sangha Tagik made a fervent plea to the people of his district to facilitate peace to rule even during re-polling and counting day.

Pointing out that the district had never witnessed in the past such ugly election culture involving money & muscle powers to make the voters market commodities as none either voters or leaders was talking about  developments & vision for plans but only bargaining for votes, he said “Let the bonafide voters choose their leaders democratically as per the  laid down rules”.

The ugly situation has already claimed precious life and broken relations, relatives & families due to dirty political competitions. Elections will come & go in every five years but lives & friends once gone will never come back again. Arunachal society is well knitted and inter woven with relations between families and clans irrespective of areas or regions which call for maintaining the sanctity and age-old tribal values, he reasoned.

Thus, he appealed to all concerns not to wages a war by transgressing into different areas or regions or party even polling booths to avoid interference. Such horse trading of voters has brought many bad days and its continuation may bring more such days. It will be prudent to respect the democratic process, he said and cautioned that those who have been misleading or misguiding with ill motives are solely responsible for what the district witnessed.

“The actions and attitude of authorities of district concerned and state election deserve condemnation for there are allegations of targeted action against particular candidate due to nexus with rival group overlooking the reports given by those on election duty. Such favouritism and biasness only give way for y untoward incidents and therefore should be avoided for the dignity of our Kurung Kumey district”, he added.

It may be recalled that Kurung Kumey DC Santosh Kumar Rai after conducting scrutiny of all electronic voting machines (EVMs) of Paling and Koloriang assembly constituencies on May 8 last had sent the report to ECI next day to take the final decision.

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