Roll back coal mining decision: AAS-AS

ITANAGAR, July 11: Drawing attention of the GoAP to its decision to resume mining in  Namchik-Namphuk Coal Field in Changlang District through Arunachal Pradesh Mineral Development and Trading Corporation Ltd, Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena–Anna Samarthak (AAS-AS), in a memorandum on Thursday, urged chief minister to roll back its decision.

Pointing out that that Union MoHA had suspended its operation by Arunachal Pradesh Mineral Development and Trading Corporation Ltd (APMDTCL) in 2012 for contributing to coffers of UG group, like ULFA, NSCN and NDFB in the area. The recent assassination of 11 people, including MLA Tirong Abo indicated present Tirap and Changlang situation, which may deteriorate with resumption of coal mining. This would amount security threat to the nation, the state in particular.

Accusing APMDTCL as incompetent for its inability to contain coal leakage by coal mafias, it said the corporation is not technically sound and lacks manpower, logistic and professionals to shoulder the responsibility. The APMDTCL had surrendered in favour of Tinsukia-based National Mining Company Ltd, as third party, to operate in above coal field in total violation of National Coal Mining Act.

Moreover, state’s civil society  and national forum, particularly nearby villagers, have been complaining about serious health and environmental hazard issues as the GoAP has not initiated any systematic stepson above issues to facilitate smooth mining, the v said to justify its claim.

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