Minor injured rescued Slow Loris released into wildlife

From Our Correspondent

PASIGHAT, Aug 14: A Slow Loris, stranded after falling from a tree opposite Essar Patrol Pump, Gumin Nagar, here was rescued by one Opang Jerang early Wednesday, who handed it over to D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary Division (DEWSD) for releasing to the wildlife after consulting with veterinary doctor.

DEWSD DFO Tasang Taga, who received the primate, termed it as a rare gesture of Jerang for rescuing the partly injured nocturnal primate. Taga, a trained wildlife officer from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, lauded the gesture in protecting the rare fauna of the state as people have the tendency to kill wildlife animals.

“We need to preserve and protect our wildlife before it is too late to get extinct”, said Taga, who has been instrumental in checking hunting inside DEWS.

The Slow Loris are a group of five species of Strepsirrhine primates which make up the Genus Nycticebus, and this ‘Nycticebus Bengalensis’ are locally called Lajuki Bandor in Assamese and Besung Raaye in Adi. Found in South and Southeast Asia, they range from Bangladesh and NE India in the east to the Philippines.

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