Maiden transplantation on young Arunachalee woman

ITANAGAR, Aug 31: A team of senior doctors of Chennai-based Fortis Malar Hospital (FMH) successfully conducted a heart and lung transplant on Mumni Tayeng, 23, from Roing in Arunachal Pradesh.

This was disclosed to local doctors here by FMH cardiac sciences director Dr K R Balakrishnan during a continuing medical education in a city hotel here on Saturday, according to a FMH release.

“A heart-lung transplant is a complex procedure which carries a high risk element in terms of execution and post operative treatment. Amidst the worsening complications, we had to transplant to help her cope up with steady post-operation recovery. We appreciate her bold spirit and courage to endure this procedure. Eventually both transplanted organs responded very well with great efficiency and effectiveness,” Dr. Balakrishnan added.

She was diagnosed with Eisenmenger’s syndrome, a heart defect that causes a hole to develop between two chambers of the heart which causes abnormal circulation of blood in heart and lungs, became the first from Arunachal Pradesh to receive heart and lung transplant. This clinical feat was achieved by a team of expert doctors led by Dr Balakrishnan, and critical care & cardiac anesthesia HoD Dr Suresh Rao KG.

She had complaints of breathlessness and was often admitted for treatment but her condition did not improve as complications kept prolonging. With severe exhaustion and fatigue, her physical activities got restricted. Her skin was blue when she reached FMH. A heart and lung transplant was strongly recommended by the team of doctors post in-depth medical diagnosis. Braving all odds and challenges, Tayeng underwent surgery, partially funded by the GoAP under CM’s Assistance Scheme.

Expressing delight over the success, Tayeng’s mother said “We are extremely thankful to Dr. Balakrishnan and his team for their hard work for the successful surgery.  We express our sincere thanks to donor’s family for helping us at this crucial moment. This success story would create awareness among such patients to consider transplant surgeries. I want my daughter to complete her studies and become a teacher to inspire as well as enlighten many lives.”

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