North East media dossier in offing

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR, Sept 29: Finding records of media establishments and related matters of North East region is well neigh impossible as none attempted to compile it.  However, it would be a thing of passé soon as Shillong-based senior journalist Sanat Kumar Chakraborty has been working on it with commitment.

Sanat, who arrived here on his mission, met his old friend, editor of this daily, to hold a detail discussion on his ambitious project.

Once complete, the dossier would offer in details about prevailing service conditions of journalists, both print and electronic, in all eight North Eastern states; the difficulties confronting them; media organizations and their functions; facilities offered by respective government, including infrastructures, like building for press club; pension; concession for availing government accommodation across the country; status of accredited journalists and treating the accreditation as ILP across NE; relations of media management and working journalists, so on and so forth.

Northeast India constitutes about 8% of India’s total geographical area, and is roughly 3/4th size of Maharashtra. Its total population approximately 40 million (2011 census) accounts for 3.1% of India’ total population (1,210 million). NE’s population is roughly equal to Odisha.

The Siliguri Corridor in West Bengal, 21-km wide to 40-km long, connects the NE region with mainland India. The NE shares more than 4,500-km international border (about 90%) with China (South Tibet) in the north, Myanmar in the east, Bangladesh in the southwest, and Bhutan to the northwest, according to Indian Chamber of Commerce.

The NE India is yet to merge with mainland. Most of its problems could be overcome once it is treated as one unit for all purposes. And the media dossier aims at brining uniformity among media fraternity of NE India, Sanat, a freelancer now, said, adding he would be touring all NE states till all data are available.

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