Make Pangsau Pass haat operational, Guv tells border trade Core Group

  • Nampong BTC opened on 14.11.07

ITANAGAR, Nov 07: Border trade core group – Deputy Speaker Tesam Pongte along with MLAs Laisam Simai (Nampong), Zingnu Namchoom (Namsai) and trade & commerce director Tokong Pertin -, apprised Governor Brig. (Retd) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) on border trade system prevailing in land customs station at Moreh in Manipur

After visiting there to get first hand information, they called on the governor at Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday and explained their findings and suggestions.

Dr Mishra, who had advised them to visit Moreh during his visit to Nampong and Pangsau Pass border trade centre (BTC) in Changlang District, commended them for completing the task. He advised them to submit the report to chief secretary to expedite the process of making border haat at Pangsau Pass functional soon. He asked them to meet Union MoHA’s border management special secretary to obtain necessary sanctions and orders for the early operation of Pangsau BTC.

He suggested opening of the haat by state chief minister in presence of External Affairs Minister before commencement of next Pangsau Pass Festival. The haat once developed will boost rural economy of the area, he added.  (PRO)

Pradeep Kumar adds; Arunachal Pradesh, the gateway to the South East Asian countries, had taken a giant stride to improve the Jairampur-Pangsu road and open border trade centre (BTC) at Nampong in March 2006 to boost trade potentials, an initiative of then chief minister Gegong Apang by projecting his state as India’s widow to those developed nations since a decade.

On 14.11.07, Union MoS (Commerce) Jairam Ramesh had inaugurated state’s first BTC at Nampong in presence of state’s trade and commerce Minister Lombo Tayeng, NE region customs & central excise chief commissioner J S R Khathing, customs commissioner D R Negi, NE region joint director general (foreign trade) M K Mero, state’s trade & commerce secretary Huzur Lollen and &T&C director Pertin.

Nampong is located along 1726-km Stillwell Road, built from Ledo in Assam to Kunming in China against all odds in China-Burma-India theatre by Chief of Staff to Allied Forces Gen. Joseph Warren Stillwell to liberate Burma (Myanmar) from the claws of Japanese during the WW-II.

Border trade has been thriving since then breaking boundary as Indian and Myanmarese are allowed to visit Myanmar and Nampong (India) on 10th, 20th and 30th of every month through the Stillwell Road. The Assam Rifles always keeps an eagle’s eye on this famous road, whose renovation was possible after intervention of then governor Gen (Retd) JJ Singh. Moreover, UPA chairperson-cum-AICC president Sonia Gandhi in her address to state’s 19th Statehood Day at Itanagar had announced that the deplorable unused Stillwell Road would be alive by renovation to facilitate heavy traffic to boost tourism and trade.

This town was witness to WW-II, whose horror still continues as a nightmare as blackest of all wars. It had led to mass destruction including gas camper and atom bomb causing colossal waste of human lives and resources.  An imprint there reads: “The visitors from aboard has to be welcomed as guests and friends so that they return to their own countries and carry back with them happy memories of their visit to India”, – written by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on 23.07.59 to Nampong base superintendent which was received on 27.02.60.

It is worth mentioning here that Chinese farmers with their consignment in two vehicles had crossed through Nampong BTC to take part in maiden International Agri-Horti Exhibition at Guwahati during Jan 8-11, 2013. They were received by T&C director Pertin as highlighted by this editor.

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