Arunachal caught in addiction menace | Doctors-teacher’ role vital to tackle: Global trainer

By Pradeep Kumar

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 12:  Doctors and teachers have great responsibility to tackle addiction; the greatest challenge facing Arunachal Pradesh now, least the state will be destroyed, global repute corporate trainer Dr E V Swaminathan gave a stern warning while waving a spread of happiness in a talk at TRIMHS here on Tuesday.

The Ooty born and Mumbai-based trainer while addressing TRIMHS faculty members led by director Dr Moji Jini, students and Brahma Kumaris Iswariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (BKIVV) Capital Complex representatives including trainer Dr Jaydeb Sahoo (RGU education dean), cited the example of an engineering student who instead of exercise and good diet had advocated two pegs drinks after work in the evening to relief of stress.

In his response, he said that body being hardware and mind software, two peg fuel could put the body plane in trouble mid air to crash for ending the lives of all passengers. Pointing out that median, ulnar and radial nerves control function of hands as each nerve is responsible for both sensory and motor function in different parts of the hand; he demonstrated easy techniques to relief stress in seconds.

The technique he demonstrated was patting one left arm finger on right palm while uttering wah wah wahh.. waah re waah… 2) wah wah wahh.. waah re family waah, 3) wah wah wahh.. waah re Arunachal waah, 4) wah wah wahh.. waah re prakriti waah & 5) wah wah wahh.. waah re iswar waah before spreading both arms up and increasing number of fingers every time.

Informing that BKIVV, affiliated to United Nations and known for women playing prominent roles, teaches meditation that focuses on identity as souls, as opposed to bodies with the sole aim of promoting global culture – ‘soul-consciousness’. Its spiritual HQs Mount Abu conducts numerous health exhibitions to explain the mind-body-medicine paradigm to bring mass awareness about psychosomatic diseases and the role of Rajyoga in de-addiction of tobacco, alcohol and harmful drugs. He lauded Dr Jini for attending it in September last.

Advocating 3 D for heath, he prescribed daily exercises, good diet and daily meditation. But quoting god, who during an interview had responded to a question – the most peculiar aspect of human beings -, had said, “They invest health to earn wealth and at the end invest the wealth to regain the health” to the thunderous applause of the participants. Mediation is derived from Latin word mediātiō means mediator, he said, adding all should know the reply to simple question:  Who are you? And the reply will help in stress management, particularly through Rajyoga, for leading a healthy life. “My attitude and looking at things totally changed after joining BKIVV as it teaches  to ‘mind your mind because mind matters’ and look life within instead of outside, he reasoned.

His interactive talk with PowerPoint presentation was punctuated with Urdu shyris and thought provoking talks of former President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, who he said, had led a blissful life to die happily. Dr Swaminathan, who at the invitation of TRIHMS senior pathologist Dr Sopai Tawsik, arrived in the state on Nov 4 and delivered such talks mostly in educational institutions at Hawai, Hayulinag, Wakro, Medo, Tezu, Roing, Itanagr’s KV-I, Don Bosco College, Green Mount School,  Civil Secretariat, RGU and  also met chief secretary Naresh Kumar to conclude his Arunachal sojourn.

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