Chinook chopper can crack hill crisis: Mosang

By Pradeep Kumar

ITANAGAR, May 22: Food & Civil Supplies Minister Kamlung Mosang consented to plea of AAAPP for deployment of Chinook heavy-lift helicopters to airdrop ration rice in all air-fed stations, like Damin, Lada, Pip-Sorang, Chambang, Taksing, Sarli, Parsi-Parlo and other remote places where roads are under construction in this land-locked state.

When informed about All Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Parisahd (AAAPP) chairman Sushil Nalo and secretary general Sangha Tagik appreciating him for getting Defence Ministry’s approval for Vijoynagar as highlighted on May 12 last edition of this daily and also urged him to deploy the same chopper in above air-fed stations, he said that Chinook chopper made trial landing at Miao (seen in picture)but yet to airlift rice to Vijoynagar due to bad weather.

Five kg free rice for each ration card holders provided by the central government under Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana should reach every beneficiary in this Himalayan state where people live in far-flung and remote areas, some of which lacks road connectivity till date, Mosang said.

When again hinted at the duo’s argument that this most advanced version helicopter of Indian Air Force lifts about 5 to 6 tonnes against 2 tonnes by normal helicopter and could land at its destination to download the rice bags instead of An-32 aircraft which airdrops resulting in about 70 to 80% wastage, the minister justified their logic.

It is the responsibility of the central and state Govts to ensure that the free as well as subsidized rations reach the beneficiaries to justify the purpose of such provisions, Mosang said, adding the department would move the central government as deployment of Chinook would be a win-win situation for the giver and taker, he added.

Nalo and Tagik, both former zilla parishad leaders, while Nalo present chairman of State Cooperative Union, said that there are various provisions for making rations available to the poor and needy but those who matter have to rise to the occasion to ensure it.

It may be recalled that the Chinook, a heavy-lift CH 47 F(I) helicopter, has a fully integrated digital cockpit management system, advanced cargo handling capabilities and electronic warfare suite that complement the aircraft’s performance. The helicopter is capable of airlifting diverse military and non military loads into remote locations. The IAF had inked a contract with M/s Boeing Ltd in September 2015 for 15 such choppers as part of modernisatio plan and first batch of four were inducted into its inventory at Chandigarh Air Force station on 25.03.19.

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