14 quarantine huts built for returnees

From Litem Eshi Ori

RUKSIN, May 30: With large number of returnees returning homes across India, Debing villagers of Ruksin circle have built 14 as quarantine cottages for them.

The hut cluster categorized as green, orange, and red zones with each zone demarcated by plastic ropes and deployed volunteers would ensure maintaining physical distance.

The huts in east of the village about 4-km away made of bamboo and local materials are ready for sons and daughters of the soil, said All East Siang District Student Union (AESDSU) vice president (admin) Kalut Dai, leading the initiative.

Debing village comprising 150 households adjoining Jonai town of Assam’s Dhemaji district where   one positive COVID-19 case was detected recently, he said, adding the huts have been built at a safe place following discussions with all stakeholders.

All inmates are being given all essential items by their families including food while SHGs would feed the volunteers who are on round-the-clock duty.

“Some people from Delhi and Kerala arrived on Thursday and Friday after travelling by train, head gaon burah Yon Yomso said.

The inmates are almost in home quarantine in the huts instead of their own homes under strict monitoring of the villagers. They were released from quarantine centres after testing negative but were advised home quarantine. However, their medical examination is scheduled after 14 days and they would go home if permitted by doctors.

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