Never forget culture is our identity: Gogoi

By A O News Service

NAHARLAGUN, July 04: Pointing out that culture taught by our society, particularly parents is our identity, a young Assamese woman Poli Gogoi from neighbouring North Lakhimpur said “I would not lose it any cost so that I could teach them to my children, the next generation”.

Reacting to some action by her acquaintance which did not suit her temperament, she reacted: If you behave this way what the younger ones would learn from you!

The outright comment of the woman, a trained nurse and wife of a journalist, was causal but very meaningful as many commit such mistakes knowingly or unknowingly in day-to-day life.

It is needless to say that “Culture is part and parcel of all that we do, all that we are, all that we can and might become, and surfaces in wider social framework.”

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