ANSU rejects demand for MAC

ITANAGAR, July 31: Expressing concern over demand for Mon Autonomous Council (MAC) by people of Tawanp and West Kameng districts, the All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU), in a release, out rightly rejected the demand saying it is not in pan-Arunachal interest.

Referring to the memorandum submitted to Chief Minister Pema Khandu in support of the demand, ANSU president Toko Taka and GS Tukbom Ligu terming it misinterpretation of Constitution of India as present sixth schedule aims to protect tribal cultural identity and bring a sense security and belongingness to those socially, economically backward besides safeguard the practice of traditional and customary laws.

Claim of deprivation by Tawang and West Kameng districts are “complete lie” as there has been a CM from Tawang for many years, including present CM for second consecutive term with people’s support while Lok Sabha member-cum-present union minister is from West Kameng district. Moreover, huge funds are provided to both districts on priority and development projects have been allocated.

Even the COVID-19 testing and diagnostic facilities were made available first in Tawang while there is a separate DoKAA department. Thus, seeking MAC and Patkai Autonomous Council (PAC), which is given special funds through DoTCL?

Major chunk of centrally and state aided funds are poured into both these districts, whereas other district are still very backward. Will both districts return all the Govt funds for utilizing for other districts?

Community based demand for autonomous council will reflect that the Mon community does not want to live in harmony with other tribes of the state and give rise to more such claims by other tribes. Interestingly, the Sl 10 of the minute says that they will not take part in ensuing panchayat election. When elected representatives and government officials are behind the movement, it questions the morality of CM and of pan-Arunachal slogan and amount to political bullying and misutilisation of political power.

Moreover, the proposed MAC shares boundary with Nyishi inhabited Lada and Bana circles of East Kameng district, but they have not tried to win confidence of the neighbouring Nyishi community implying that they have no respect for sentiment of neighbouring community.

Therefore, ANSU fails to understand the logic behind the demand based on ethnicity which would marginalize already marginalized state further, it added.


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