Lohit bids adieu to outgoing DC Prince Dhawan

TEZU, Oct 20: In a very emotional moment, members of civil society assembled in Lohit House to bid adieu to the outgoing Deputy Commissioner (DC) Prince Dhawan.

Mishmi Women’s Welfare Society-led by Shibali Yun and Ibulu Mam, CALSOM represented by Yalum Ama and All Mishmi Students Union represented by executives Legem Takaliang and Chokhiya Tayeng called on outgoing DC on Sunday. They conveyed that such a farewell was first of its kind and said  the people of Lohit will remember him for his hard work and sterling service rendered.

A head of government department recounts that in these 19 months tenure of Prince Dhawan, all heads of government departments, officers and officials were on their toes to render prompt and quality public service.

While the DC himself worked very hard, he was able to motivate and inspire many and almost all to work efficiently and achieve progress timely as deadlines were set and insisted upon. Many projects and government schemes in education, agriculture, tourism and other sectors were taken up and properly implemented.

Considering the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic and other constrains, all tasks though herculean and seemingly insurmountable were successfully accomplished due to the grit, determination, commitment and undying vibrant spirit of Dhawan.
Dhawan  also took out time to interact with Apyalu Mam, girl child under care of the Indian Army in presence of ADC Sunny Singh and SP  Ankit Kumar Singh.

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