Statue of communal harmony unveiled

AALO, Oct 28: A 14-feet statue of the late humanitarian Taken Pakam Lobom, popularly known as Pedong Kenbo, was on Wednesday unveiled at his native village Logum Jini on the occasion of his first death anniversary.

Stated to be the ‘statue of communal harmony’, it was uncovered by Hento Karga, president, Lobom Ao Welfare Society. This statue has been erected as a memory of late Pakam’s powerful legacy and selfless services rendered to the communities within West Siang district and beyond.

Besides being the HGB of Logum Jini since 1984, he was a renowned social worker, a patriot, a philanthropist, an orator and a proponent of tribal faith and culture. He was a messenger of peace for communal harmony throughout his life and a pioneer in traditional ‘Keba’.

Speaking on the occasion, Karga said that the statue is not only a symbol of his achievement in his life time but an epitome of love for the parent by his children.

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