Book on Galo folk stories released

RONO HILLS, Jan 12: JNU’s Prof Vir Bharat Talwar, released online a book titled Yopum Galo Lok Kathaye, authored by Rajiv Gandhi University Hindi officer Gumpi Nguso was at Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS) conference hall here on Tuesday.

Terming the book as a representative of millions of tribal people scattered around India, he related it to the tribal society as well as to mainland people vis-à-vis Ramayana and Mahabarata.

The tribals are not only a society but a religion, RGU VC Prof. Saket Khushwaha and exhorted all to cultivate good deeds for the society to uplift traditional culture by highlighting the issues that matters.

Joint registrar Dr. David Pertin lauded Nguso for her dedication to complete the book despite the lockdowns and wished best for her future endeavours. She has written folk stories of Galo society known only orally which would not only protect the rich tradition but also inspire coming generation, he said.

Sharing traditional way of greeting each other with churgen, Nguso explained its mesmerizing details about how it is close to the nature.

Responding to question from many about the book’s name, she said “This resembles feminism and the power to work at any region, and to be a girl from any other region.”

“This book not only covers Galo society, but also talks about Abotani, Nyishi and other tribes of Tani clan.  I have tried my best to capture real stories rising above biasness, she said.

Speaking about importance of Hindi language and its presence across India in Dev Nagri script, registrar Dr N T Rikam advocated promoting own culture and tradition through various creative ways.  One should not only be confined to theoretical part of learning process but also explore and find ways to preserve our decaying old tradition, he said and advised young students to utilize abundant opportunities found in Arunachal Pradesh.

Stressing on importance of preserving traditional knowledge, Galo Welfare Society (GWS) president Tanga Kena hinted at the GWS’s current mission on persevering Galo society through language development, online galo folk tale competition besides library movement.

Hindi assistant Prof Dr. Abhishek Kr. Yadav also congratulated the writer, according to a RGU release.

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