Radio City Itanagar turns voice of the masses

By Pradeep Kumar

NAHARLAGUN, Apr 07: Ethnic rich Arunachal Pradesh awaits the much desired exposure for people even of this tribal dominated state to know each other’s time tested customs and traditions, which had prompted me to conceive the idea of state’s first  community radio station  (Radio City Itanagar) this day in 2018, said its founder Tolum Takar.

“Today is the third anniversary of my enterprise set up by NGO Tarhuk Samaj and operating from this township through 90.8 FM and affiliated to Federation of Community Radio Stations, he said.

The voices of young Arunachalee Keni and Aman Yajo daily enthrall the listeners while highlighting various happening in capital city, he said.

Keni, a radio joke for last three years and Yajo for last two and half years, said that “They have been receiving very positive feedbacks from the listeners, few of whom dial up to laud our efforts. But still we have miles to go considering the vastness of this state and huge number of communities, each with unique traditions and customs. Thus, Mopin Festival highlighting the traditions of Galo community was flashed the other day”.

In fact, Chief Minister Pema Khandu, joining the celebration at Aalo had said: No amount of modernization should come in way of indigenous culture and faith, which are most precious treasure handed down by the ancestors”.

Though there is vast scope for expansion of activities to serve the people either directly or through facebook but finance has been a constraint for poor advertisement policy, entrepreneur Takar said.

When the state and central governments have earmarked budget for publicity, particularly all schemes relating to health, education and social welfare for specifically for community welfare, why state and central government departments, particularly colleges and universities for their admissions and announcement of results, have failed to avail the service of Radio City Itanagar is intriguing.

It is time for those who matter to rise up and use this Radio City to reach the masses, said a septuagenarian who joined the celebration.

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