Be Helping Hands volunteers: Hibu

By A O News Service

ITANAGAR, Jan 30: Delhi-based NGO Helping Hands through its 474 volunteers has been making all out efforts 24X7 to bring smiles on faces of numerous Northeasternian when in distress across the country.

These volunteers justify the adage ‘He who serves the most, reaps the most: Jim Rohn’ or ‘Selfless giving is the art of living:Frederic Lenz’.

Thus, Helping Hands Robin Hibu has made a fervent appeal to good Samaritans or NGOs’ members, particularly of NE states living in Indian cities or in any NE state to join hands as volunteers for this humanitarian cause.

Together, we can take small steps to make a difference in their lives for a better tomorrow. Those interested may get details from Helping Hands’ website and register by submitting application forms through link Let us serve as beacon of hope for those who are unknowingly expecting our friendliness.

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