Candidates for forest posts allege faulty APSSB test

ITANAGAR, Mar 30: The candidates who appeared in the physical test for the posts of foresters, forest guards, etc., have said the test conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Staff Selection Board (APSSB) at the PTC in Banderdewa on March 25 was full of anomalies.

The candidates demanded an early decision on the matter so that they can prepare for the next test. More than 70 candidates claimed that there were anomalies in the test.

Speaking to reporters, one of the candidates said that they were asked to complete 14 km in seven rounds. But even after completing the test according to the rules, many of the candidates were disqualified.

She also said the candidates had earlier in the day met the APSSB under-secretary who said they have to accept the decision of the board on who would make the cut.

“The verification of the completion of the seven lapses run and other formalities were done for the earlier candidates. But we were asked to leave the ground by the officials stating that the scanner fitted in the legs generates automatic verification and will be saved in the system,” she said, adding that by the time they completed the run, no verifying authority was on the ground.

The advertisement for the post was made in 2019. The test was held on March 25 and the result was declared on March 27.

She said the aggrieved candidates will go for a democratic movement to get justice.

“We believe that the board will come up with a positive decision in the matter. The board should also know that the verifying authority was not present during the completion of the run on the day,” she added.

Another candidate said that they completed the 14-km run under the permitted time of 4 hours. The test began around 4.45 pm and the time of completion was 8.45 pm.

“We completed the run before 7.15 pm but we were disqualified, which is unfair. We were not provided with a token that was given to the first batch of candidates to ensure that the 7-round run was completed,” she said, adding that the monitor was also shut down when they completed their run.

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