Climate change impact lesson for villagers

ZIRO, Mar 30: The Department of Forestry of the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology has organised a one-day awareness programme on “Climate Change Impacts on Bioresources and Livelihoods” at the Government Secondary School in the Lower Subansiri district’s Deed-Neelam village.

The programme was supported by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi and attended by around 100 participants including the Gram Panchayat chairperson, village headmen, villagers, students and stakeholders.

Programme convener Ashish Paul underscored the present scenario of climate change impacts on the bioresources and livelihoods of the local people. He stressed the consequences of rapid deforestation and land conversion impacts on soil and water quality and also the drying up of water sources.

He also highlighted the agricultural stresses and the changing environmental conditions such as productivity, availability of indigenous crops, rainfall intensity and temperature, etc.

Mizoram University’s O.P. Tripathi, who joined virtually, emphasised the importance of awareness of climate change at local as well as global levels. He urged the need for a collaborative, community-based and participatory approach to address climate change problems and conservation from the grassroots level in the region concerned.

He highlighted the efficient management of bioresources and adaptive mitigation strategies to cope with the changes.

Neelam Gap, a research scholar of NERIST, highlighted the gradual degradation of bioresources in the region and also the extraction of forest resources by the villagers and addressed the participants about the conservation strategies for a sustainable future.

Neelam Mania, the GP Chairperson of Neelam village highlighted the need for awareness among the local people. She stressed the increase in conversion of forest land due to cardamom plantation and highlighted the successful air gun surrender programme in this region.

Neelam Begi (CRCC, Deed), Toko Kapa (Teacher, GSS, Deed), Likha Sopin (senior citizen), Toko Pana (GB, Deed) appreciated the importance of the awareness programme on bioresources in this region and emphasised the recent changes of forest resources.

Research scholars Reetashree Bordoloi and Aribam Rocky Sharma of NERIST highlighted the gradual changes in land use conversion impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, potential impacts of climate change on high-altitude wetlands and the importance of community-based conservation of forest resources.

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