Speakers, Dy speakers urged to go for productive hours in houses

ITANAGAR, May 13: Governor Brig (Retd) Dr B D Mishra Friday exhorted the speakers and deputy speakers to have the maximal useful and productive hours in the houses which they chair.

Addressing the valedictory function of the two-day conference of the 18th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) India Region Zone III, at the state legislative assembly here, the governor said that the speakers and deputy speakers should ensure that the legislative process in the country is smooth, well debated and objective.

“The speakers and deputy speakers are the central pillar, which supports the edifice of democracy and therefore, their roles are not only critical but also exacting,” he said adding, with good pre-session interaction and consultation with individual members they would be able to have the best productive session in the houses.

The governor said that the Constitution of India is an evolving epic because from time to time, when needs are felt for inclusion of new articles in the constitution; it is done with utmost diligence.

“It is the need of the time to include a reference of the Fundamental Duties in the preamble of the Constitution in the same process, when the preamble of the Constitution of India was amended and words Socialist, Secular and Integrity were added,” Mishra said.

Fundamental duties can appropriately be referred to in the Preamble of the Constitution by adding just three words, ‘and Commitment to Fundamental Duties’ after word ‘Fraternity’ in the preamble, the governor said.

He added that speakers and deputy speakers are ensuring the true implementation of democracy as narrated by US President Abraham Lincoln, who said that ‘Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people’.

Mishra also cautioned the legislators and parliamentarians of the country, while citing vandalism of US Senate during last presidential election, that they must remember that it takes decades to build up the reputation of the law maker bodies but it takes only an hour to mar the reputation of it.

“Speakers and deputy speakers of assemblies and parliament are people’s leaders and highly placed in life and they can and must do everything for the weak, downtrodden and the needy,” Mishra added. (PRO)

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