Tawang doctors performs rare orthopedic surgery

TAWANG, May 13: In a rare feat, a doctor of a hospital in Tawang along with his team, successfully operated on a patient and replace his total hip.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Dukam Magu of Khandro Drowa Sangmo district hospital, along with his team, achieved the feat on Thursday, officials from the district informed here on Friday.

The 39-year-old man from Tawang had painful limp for over an year, was diagnosed with case of  Avascular Necrosis of right hip joint, and total hip joint replacement was performed by Dr Magu.

Total hip replacement is a major orthopedic operation and needs the best surgical acumen.

According to the hospital superintendent, Dr Magu had already conducted many major orthopedic surgery including, Ilizarovs operation, Tibia nailing and correction of many mal-union of long bones.

Dr Magu informed that there are many more orthopedic cases in the district which, could very well be corrected. He advised the people to come forward for consultation. (DIPRO)

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