Mein conferred with Lachit Borphukon award

GUWAHATI, Nov 24: Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein has been conferred with the prestigious Lachit Borphukon Award for the year 2022 by the Tai-Ahom Yuba Parishad in recognition of his selfless contributions for the welfare and upliftment of the society besides, promotion & preservation of Tai culture.

The award was given to him at a function organised by the organization at Sankardev Kalakhetra here on Thursday amidst presence of host of dignitaries.

Receiving the award, Mein expressed his gratitude to the Tai-Ahom Yuba Parishad for the recognition. He lauded the Assam government for organizing such a massive event in Assam and the National Capital thereby making people across the nation to recognize and know about the valiant great hero of Assam who led the Ahom Army as commander-in-chief and defeated the great military power of Mughals in the decisive battle of Saraighat (1671) and the battle of Ithakuli (1682) and prevented the crude forces of Mughals to conquer Assam and North East.

Mein said, Lachit Borphukon should be recognized as a national war hero as he was the force behind unification of Assam forces and prevented not only Assam but also entire North East from foreign invasion.

“The defeat of the Mughal Army in the battle of Saraighat and Ithakuli by the Ahom Army under the leadership of Lachit Borphukon, had weakened them and prevented the further expansion of Mughal kingdom to South East Asian Countries and Tibet,” Mein said.

“We have read more about the Mughal history than our own history,” Mein said adding, it is high time to include the history of North East in the CBSE syllabus.

He advocated for cultural exchange program and symposiums for all the ethnic groups of North East and South East Asian countries at Guwahati, being the gateway to North East, for strengthening the people to people contact and also for creation of a Tai tourist circuit in the region to attract tourists from the South East Asian countries.

Mein also called upon the young generations to maintain the age-old cordial relations between the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. (PRO)

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