Training on mushroom cultivation held

ITANAGAR, Nov 24: To promote sustainable farming and food security, a training on mushroom cultivation technology was organised by Mushroorn Development Centre here, from November 10 to 24.

Training to five batches were conducted including, one at Durpang village, and another at XI-Batt village while, the rest were conducted at MDC, here.

Altogether 228 trainees attended the training programme, which was kicked off in presence of horticulture director Tage Tatung and the concluding training was chaired by Joint Director Narang Tani.

GPC of Durpang, Batt, Jollang Chimpu, Ganga and Chimi-Ganga panchayats also attended the training imparted by resource person Ayi Remi Ering, mushroom development officer from Mushroom Development Centre, here.

She imparted technical know-how on Oyster, Button and Shiitake mushroom cultivation.

Hands on demonstration on cultivation practices, selection of substrate, preparation of pure culture, mother spawn and commercial spawn, spawn inoculation were covered by the resource person and technical staffs.

To further encourage the trainees, free spawn and pamphlets on cultural practices on Oyster, Button and Shiitake mushroom were distributed.

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