560 cases of violence in live-in relationships in Delhi | Why to act foolishly to get victimized, cautions Hibu?

Tips of the iceberg!

The 560 cases of violence in live-in relationships are tips of the iceberg. The police or actual records could be much higher. Such cases are on the rise, like a NE girl approached last week with the complaint that her fallopian tube has been removed by her partner to use her as sex slave only. There are many such examples. But, who would bell the cat, if the NE youths, particularly girls, don’t become conscious not to lead a reckless life in any city of India,” top cop Hibu said without mincing any words.

By Pradeep Kumar

ITANAGAR, Nov 30: The sensational murder of Shradha Walkar by her live-in partner Aaftab Amin Poonawala in national capital has opened a Pandora box over such relationships. But regrettably, 560 cases of violence in live-in relationships with all victims from North Eastern states were reportedly recorded by Helping Hands last year.

When asked about the frightening data, Delhi Police Special Commissioner Robin Hibu, first IPS officer of Arunachal Pradesh and conscience keeper of NE people through NGO Helping Hands working globally, confirmed but said that he does not advocate moral policing.

Expressing deep concern over the record, he said that “life is not as easy as the youths of NE consider. There are full of unholy people with vested interest in every walk of life. Thousands of NE youths migrate to Delhi and other cities every year for pursuing higher education or earning their livelihood. They are away from homes and parents and none is there to guide them. They should not forget their roots and moral upbringing. But when they deviate become vulnerable being innocent and get trapped by “cunning lovers”.

“There is nothing wrong in falling in love. But, the boy or girl should know first if his/her partner has the qualities to become a true life partner before falling in love”, he said.

“We have come across many girls even with kids who have been abandoned with none to support. There have been many cases without legal marriage forcing the girls to take the road to nowhere,” he said.

In case of love, both girls and boys should won the confidence of their parents, besides take help of police or Helping Hands to ascertain the antecedent and any marriage should be through legal process to ensure security of both partners, he said.

Quoting statistics, he said that 16 youths including IAS aspirants, girls working in spas and airhostesses from NE states had committed suicide in 2021undoubtedly for being dumped by their partners.

“Language serves as a barrier for NE youths who dream of a brighter future in cities. Thus, learning English and Hindi should be made mandatory along with skill training before allowing them to venture out of the NE region, he reasoned.

“Though NE Cell of Delhi Police and NE helpline (1093) were introduced at my initiative, beside special recruitment in NE for which 2,000 NE boys and girls are serving in Delhi Police now, but “our youths have to remain alert to protect themselves first as police would intervene if someone is only victimized,” he said and asked “Why to act foolishly to get victimized?”

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