Monpa celebrates Monastic festival 

ITANAGAR, Jan 24: The three-day Torgya festival, a Monastic festival of Monpa tribe was celebrated in Tawang Monastery of Tawang district.

The festival starts on the 28th day of eleventh lunar month and this year it was celebrated during January 20 to January 22 last.

Torgya festival is celebrated by Monpa tribe to pay homage to Lama Tsongkhapa to chase away evil spirits that usher in diseases, misfortunes and natural calamities.

The highlight of the festival is Chham dance, wearing outfit of warrior Arpu by the Lamas of the Monastery. The colourful three-day festival becomes more alluring when Lamas dance wearing different costumes and masks. While doing so, they perform some soulful music with drums and cymbals.

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