Prepare impact assessment report on Dibang project: Committee

By Staff reporter

ITANAGAR, Apr 27: The Dibang Multipurpose Hydro Project Downstream Affected Area Committee (DMHPDAAC) on Thursday demanded the state government to prepare ‘cumulative downstream impact assessment’ for the project affected people in the downstream of the 2880 mw project.

Addressing media at APC here, DMHPDAAC chairman Gotem Tayeng informed that the downstream affected people are of the unanimous opinion that the affected families must be liable for compensation after the compliance of an adequate cumulative impact assessment and downstream impact assessment.

The representative from the National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) and state government had neither conducted a public hearing nor discussed the matter related to the dam with the downstream affected people, said Tayeng.

Stating that the project would hugely affect wildlife, biodiversity and livelihood of the people, the DMHPDAAC also demanded for project affected families (PAF) status for downstream communities.

Speaking on the impacts on forest rights, construction of guide wall, embankment, protection wall and land compensation, DMHPDAAC asked a private power developer to construct an embankment protection wall which is an inseparable part of the detailed project report (DPR) before beginning of the project.

“No embankment or adequate flood control management policy, no dam construction will be allowed,” the committee said.

Detachment and irrigational channels must be established in both banks of the river for the downstream affected people including 80 percent job reservation of C & D groups, the committee further demanded.

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