FANS holds talk on ‘Challenging China’s hegemonistic tendencies’

Need of the hour

China, known for its policy or practice of aggressive expansion of its influence over other countries by hook or crook (hegemony), poses threat to India by often claiming Arunachal Pradesh as its territory being part of “South Tibet”.

Arunachal shares 1,129-km of total 3,488-km Sino-India border while vast stretches are without any fencing. Appreciating FANS’s initiative to acquaint younger generation with China’s ‘dog-tail’ policy, a security expert said that “It is need of the hour”.

ITANAGAR, June 28: Arunachal chapter of Forum for Awareness on National Security (FANS) hosted day-long talks on “Challenging China’s hegemonistic tendencies: The way forward” at Chimpu Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV), near here on Wednesday.

The FANS, a voluntary organization formed in 2014 with New Delhi as its HQs, addresses the issues & concern and create awareness among the masses about national security. Besides national security, it also creates awareness on environment, climate change, water conservation and eradication of social evils. There are currently 43 chapters across the nation, including Arunachal Chapter.

FANS national general secretary (organisation) Golok Behari Rai, as resource person, spoke on a variety of topics related to national security. He pointed out that China is not only hostile toward India but also to many of its neighbors. India is no longer behind China; it can now defeat China with ease.

He pointed out that Arunachal Pradesh received significant support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for developing infrastructure project in recent years.

VKV principal A. Krishnan Chimpu, in his address, underscored the importance of the event, particularly for students.

The event, coordinated by Arunachal Chapter coordinator-cum-retired state Govt engineer V N Pandey and secretary Dr. Ratna Tayeng, was attended by FANS member Roli Mugli, RSS prant pracharak Kamlesh,150 VKV students and teachers, according to a FANS release.

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